ABM Logo Standard
ABM West
Penticton, BC
May 11 to 13, 2015

ABM Prairies
Saskatoon, SK
June 1 to 3, 2015

ABM East
Mississauga, ON
November 2 to 4, 2015

Prepare to be connected!

ABM is the most powerful Aboriginal-driven business development event in Canada. The tradeshow connects Aboriginal communities with the private sector to create opportunities for business.

ABM delegates use a technology-driven online tool to set up as many as 31 pre-qualified appointments that are 20 minutes in length. Over a three-day period at the event, these appointments keep the conversation focused and efficient and help determine next steps if a business match has been made or is possible.

At each ABM, delegates initiate new business deals worth well over $30 million.

ABM BC is now ABM West. It has been expanded to include First Nations and Metis communities from Alberta.

ABM SK is now ABM Prairies. It has been expanded to include First Nations and Metis communities from Manitoba.

ABM East will focus on the business development priorities of Ontario First Nations and Metis communities.

This expansion will allow us to increase and energize the mix of companies that offer business and partnership opportunities. It also addresses the fact that Aboriginal communities want to work with each other across provincial boundaries in order to achieve economic goals and strengthen their business network.

The application phase for all three events is now open! For more information, visit www.aboriginalbusinessmatch.com.